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About The Medical Safeguards Project

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Overview of the Project

The Medical Safeguards Project has two major components:

  1. health care enhancement, and
  2. safeguarding and advocacy

health care enhancement

The health enhancement component is oriented to complementing and assisting, as necessary, primary health care providers in delivering optimal care for clients of the Department of Mental Retardation living in Southeastern Massachusetts. Assisting primary care physicians and other health care providers means:

  • preparing accurate, complete, and up-to-date medical information for a consultation;
  • interpreting and explaining the presentation of symptoms, including by providing a past medical history;
  • discussing diagnoses and treatment plans;
  • offering access to medical specialists;
  • assuring medical follow-ups with concerned parties;
  • monitoring the results of the treatment plan, as well as being in contact on an as-needed basis with families, agency staff, and the primary care providers.

safeguarding and advocacy

The safeguarding and advocacy component focuses on assuring that clients of the Department of Mental Retardation living in Southeastern Massachusetts have family, friends and advocates in their lives, as well as an active and competent guardian who will defend their right to treatment. Our objective is for people to receive the same level of excellent care and support as the most socially valued persons in their community. Further advocacy efforts center on:

  • ensuring proper supports during any hospitalization;
  • training families and agency staff on safeguarding-related issues;
  • reviewing medications and monitoring for potential problems; and
  • insuring that no inappropriate ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ or withholding/withdrawing treatment orders are put into place.

The Medical Safeguards Project
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