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About The Medical Safeguards Project

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What Is Medical Safeguarding?

Medical Safeguarding is a concept imbued in positive values. We believe in the intrinsic dignity and worth of all people irrespective of impairment, and that all should have access to the most excellent standard of health care. In many cases, this is not likely to happen without strong advocacy and support.

Relevant and effective medical safeguarding requires a conscious mindset which involves :

  • appreciating the vulnerability of patients, particularly patients who have an impairment and/or who are societally devalued;
  • knowing what can and will go wrong in medical settings;
  • having strategies to employ for:
    • preventing harm from occurring,
    • mitigating harm that has been done, and
    • protecting against future harm
  • reflecting on and learning from safeguarding activities; and
  • interpreting medical safeguarding to relevant others.

The Medical Safeguards Project
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